Holiday Shoppe 2017 

Mt Diablo Elementary school will be hosting a Holiday Shop from December 11th-15th. 
Students will be able to purchase gifts for family members, teachers, and friends for the holiday. 

If you are attending a parent/teacher conference after school next week, stop by room 27 (next to the pod) to check out the sale and see if there are any treasures that you may need for this holiday season!

Holiday Shop hours Monday-Friday (we will be open for early friend pick up)

Monday-Friday (10-11:15 by appointment for classes with teachers in 15 minute increments)

11:15-2 pm open during lunches and for 1 hour after school release.  If we have a dwindling crowd, we reserve the right to close a little earlier than 2 each day.

Volunteer help is needed, as there are spaces still available. Please sign up on konstella.

Please contact Joy Muhlestein at

Here is a quick peek of what is inside: