2021-22 Supply List


Please visit Yubbler to view your teacher's class supply list. *Note that school supply lists for Blazer is listed separately, below. Supplies are specific to grade level , unless you are in third grade you can go ahead and order. Third grade will need to wait until you know your child's teacher before ordering. This will not be until Prep Day - Aug 10th

Mrs. Blazer's supply list

In order to receive school supplies by the first day of school, we encourage all parents to order suggested class supplies as soon as teacher assignments are received.

If you order directly from the Yubbler website, you will receive next day shipping to your home (a minimum of $50 is required to receive free next day shipping). Ordering school supplies through the Yubbler website is not only convenient, but it earns money for our school!

If you have questions, you can email mdepfceducation@gmail. com.

These items are for distance learning. Don't buy if you already have at home. Keep nearby for live instruction & independent work.