1. Why is the PFC always asking for donations?

All of the PFC's income is generated solely by donations, and it is used to provide significant educational support for the students and teachers at MDE. At least 71% of the money raised by the PFC pays the salaries of reading intervention specialists, instructional assistants, computer lab assistants, and yard duties--all of whom work directly with our students, and help maximize the educational experience for all students and teachers. It is important to note that these positions would not otherwise be funded by the school district; without parental donations to the PFC, the additional support personnel would not exist.

2. How can my family help donate to MDE free of charge?

Families can participate in several "Free Money" programs, including eScrip and our Box Top program.

3. Why are there so many fundraisers?

We understand that all families are busy these days; therefore, we have tried to cut down on the number of fundraisers by asking every family to participate in the MDE Education Fund.

If every student donated $180 over the course of the school year to the Ed fund, the PFC would meet its budgeted income without additional fundraisers. However, when the $180 per student is not met, the PFC must make up the income with additional fundraisers.

4. Why does it take my check so long to clear?

The PFC co-Treasurers will make every effort to have checks deposited within 5 business days after receiving them. Please note that for some events the chair of that event may compile all of the payments received into one submission to the co-Treasurers. This may delay your check being cashed for a few weeks. Visit our Volunteer Resources page for forms.