Science Fair

Science Fair 2020/2021

Please check back later for further information on the Science Fair for the 2020/2021 School Year.

Science Projects

Students in grades 3-5 must use the scientific method in creating their project if they wish to participate in the MDUSD science fair. In addition, this year the district is asking for projects to have a connection to a real life, workplace situation. Other than these restrictions, your child may follow his or her own interest and may work with another child or small group. When displaying the project, please ensure that it is free standing and remember to have your name, grade, and room number clearly written and displayed on the project board.

Please fill out a Science Night entry form and return it to your teacher by (date TBD). An entry form is required if you plan to display a project at Science Night. Ideas for projects, preparing projects, and important safety information are all provided at the top right of this page.