Budget Overview

The Budget Process

The Mt. Diablo Elementary PFC Executive Board works together with the School Site Council, MDE Administration and faculty representatives to develop a balanced budget that reflects the current needs and hopes of the entire MDE community: its staff, parents, and most of all, its students.

Budgets are initially developed by the co-Treasurers and President along with the guidance of the entire executive board. This proposed budget is presented at a Spring PFC meeting and discussed with the membership. Outcomes from the meeting are incorporated into the budget, and a final budget is presented for approval at a general meeting prior to the end of the fiscal year in June. All members present at the general meeting vote on the final budget. Once the budget is approved, it generally will not change unless unforeseen circumstances arise, such as district cuts to MDE staff or programs. In the event the budget needs revision, the new budget is presented, discussed, and voted on at a general meeting by all members present.

The MDE PFC is a non-profit organization. Therefore, our total budgeted income must always equal our budgeted expense dollar amount. All of budgeted income is planned to be spent during the current fiscal year on various school-related expenses. The PFC’s fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.

2022-2023 Budget Breakdown

MDE PFC Budget 2022-2023 detailed income and expense report (Excel)

MDE PFC Carryover Budget 2022-2023