Fundraiser Overview

Why does the school need fundraisers?

The money raised by the PFC bridges the gap between what is covered by the district budget and what our children need for their education. The programs and improvements the PFC currently provides are paid for by these fundraisers.

The funds help pay for all of the following (and more!):


  • Classroom instructional aides for Kindergarten

  • Yard duties

  • Computer lab aide

  • Computer lab technician

  • Reading intervention programs

Instruction Resources

  • Computer/technology resources

  • Library supplies

  • Classroom supplies

  • Paper for staff

  • Playground equipment

  • Copy room program

In recent years, the MDE PFC has been able to reduce the number of fundraisers that require "selling" of a product (gift wrap, cookie dough, etc.). The fund-raisers that remain include those that are:

  • Direct donations

  • "Free money" for the school

  • Offer a fun, community-based activity

If we increase cash donations to the MDE Education Fund and meet our budget goals that way, we may be able to further reduce the number of fundraisers we ask you to support in the future.